Monday, October 3, 2016

It's Been A While

Hello to all - It's Been A While.

A lot has been going on in the household here, all good.   But with that being said I haven't been finding my "MeeTyme".

To fill you on what has been going on:

My oldest daughter, the bass player, is going to be graduating High School early and pursuing her music career in LA at Musicians Institute with bass performance & music business so she will be moving out soon :(But so excited for her career)

My middle child is now 16 & we just moved him to Connecticut for Prep school & to play on the 16 national ice hockey team.   He loves it so far but I miss him & again happy for his dreams to be coming true.

Last is my youngest daughter  she is my inspiring actress and soccer player.   She is excited to start high school next year.  We are working on her dreams with being an actress with different interviews and auditions so fingers off that will take off for her soon :)
Ryan, Taylor, & Ashley

So you can see why there has not been a lot of "MeeTyme" happening lately but we are now getting back in the swing of things.  New items are coming soon, leather cuffs, chokers, all different mix media projects.  Keep an eye out for our new look coming soon.

Take care and remember :  Everyone needs some "MeeTyme"

Thursday, October 1, 2015

JBloom Jewelry

Hello to all,

It has been a while since you heard from us - but here is why:

We have some exciting news:

We are now selling JBloom Jewelry !!!  

What is that you ask?   

This is the most exciting jewelry around.   Why is it different & exciting?  

Because you can pick your style and customize it to say what you would like, color you would like, & so much more.  

 Holidays are just around the corner, think of a customized piece for a gift that someone would treasure forever.

Click below to check out our catalog:

Please click below to check out our website as well to place an order or just to browse:

This is a never ending line that will keeping you up to the latest trends as well as tell your story !!!

Please join us on this adventure and pass along to friends and family so we can share our story & love for jewelry with everyone !!!

Take care, I can't wait to see your story !!!

Click on the title below pictures below to for more info:

School Colors Necklace

What I love Braclet
Birthstone Bracelet 

Personalized leather cuffs

Sunday, August 30, 2015

New at MeeTyme....

Come check out the new items at MeeTyme

Clay, clay, & more clay....   come see the new items at MeeTyme.   You won't be disappointed.  We have been hard at work coming up with new lines of Jewelry for all of you to enjoy :)

Come see some of the items we have available now: (more to come)

Just remember:  
Everyone needs some "MeeTyme"

Monday, July 6, 2015

The 1975 'Sex' cover

Check out Stuck In Suburbia ...  up & coming new band - my daughter, Taylor Fischer is the bassist :)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Orange Lutheran wins JSerra Annual Thanksgiving Hockey Tournament

Orange Lutheran wins JSerra Annual Thanksgiving Hockey Tournament

Just wanted to say congrats to OLU Varsity for wining the Thanksgiving Tournament - & going undefeated thus far in their season !!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bath Bombs At MeeTyme

New at MeeTyme:

Bath bombs, also know as bath fizzies, are so much fun to give as a gift or use them yourself !!
    Looking for unique one of a kind bath bombs to have around for the days you get to sit in a tub & relax (some "MeeTyme")  or for a unique gift to give as a hostess gift, party favors, stocking stuffers.   They also make great add ons when you are giving a gift card.  Look no further, we have everything you are looking for here at MeeTyme. Have something in mind, don't see it, just contact us & we will do our best to make it happen.   We specialize in unique bath bombs for all occassions, holidays, party favors, & just those days that you want to relax.

   Holidays are coming up quick.   Our fun holiday bath bombs make great gifts, hostess gifts for all those holiday parties, & fun stocking stuffers.  We do carry traditional bath bombs as well but thought the shapes were more fun :)

Below you will see some of our unique bath bombs:
(please click on any picture for more info & pricing)

Gummy Bear Bath Bomb
Vanilla Almond Heart Bath Bomb
Choco Covered Strawberry Bath Bomb 

Hockey Puck Bath Bomb

Football Bath Bom

Here are some of our holiday bath bombs :

Pumpkin Bath Bomb

Gingerbread Man Bath Bomb
Snowman Bath Bomb
Thanksgiving Bath Bomb
Snowman Smiles Bath Bomb

These items below have not been added to our website but keep checking in & see all the new items to come:

Just remember:  Everyone needs some "MeeTyme"