Thursday, October 1, 2015

JBloom Jewelry

Hello to all,

It has been a while since you heard from us - but here is why:

We have some exciting news:

We are now selling JBloom Jewelry !!!  

What is that you ask?   

This is the most exciting jewelry around.   Why is it different & exciting?  

Because you can pick your style and customize it to say what you would like, color you would like, & so much more.  

 Holidays are just around the corner, think of a customized piece for a gift that someone would treasure forever.

Click below to check out our catalog:

Please click below to check out our website as well to place an order or just to browse:

This is a never ending line that will keeping you up to the latest trends as well as tell your story !!!

Please join us on this adventure and pass along to friends and family so we can share our story & love for jewelry with everyone !!!

Take care, I can't wait to see your story !!!

Click on the title below pictures below to for more info:

School Colors Necklace

What I love Braclet
Birthstone Bracelet 

Personalized leather cuffs